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20 years of FF Fracht

Władysław Frasyniuk

We all know that time goes by quicker than we think. It goes by even quicker when we deal with things which are interesting. Today we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our Company whereas it seems to me as I was setting it up just few years ago.

We still remember the first Kenworth branded tractors with misconfigurated transmission and queueing for a few days on the German border. It seems as it was yesterday. Technical development makes us aware that much more time has gone by since then.

We are just learning about our  new Mercedes Actros with  automatic transmission, an engine compliant with Euro VI norm and pressure indicators in its tyres displayed on a key LED screen. We drive them across Europe, enjoying the lack of borders, and for the last  three years we have had our subsidiary in Germany. All those things give us great satisfaction.

Twenty years of the market economy and our experience in transport and forwarding services. Twenty years during which we have been building, with our customers, foundations of companies, successfully competing with the multigenerational Western European economy.

Twenty years is a long time when we look at the faces of pioneers – founders, and very little when we see faces of our young staff. Experience and youth is the power of our Company. Honesty, professionalism and partnership became the guarantee of our stable position. But I still think that everything is ahead of us!

I would like to thank our customers for their trust, our employees for their commitment and our friends for the support during those  challenging but exciting 20 years!

Władysław Frasyniuk
Founder and co-owner

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