ISO 9001 Gazele Biznesu 2012 Diament miesięcznika Forbes 2016


DEKRA certified – Quality Mangement ISO 9001

The quality of services is our priority, therefore we pay maximum attention to the level of customer service and we are striving to improve our processes within our organization.

Today, quality mainly means  timeliness, reliability, competences, effective communications and efficient procedures. We focus on innovation as it guarantees that the transport service plays an important and useful role in the supply chain.

Offered with a wide range of complementary services, it constitutes added value, increasing  the competitiveness of our customers. That is why we use the most advanced telematic equipment from the  Punch Telematics company, which precisely monitors various stages of transport, and allows us  to precisely predict delivery time and enables the scanning and sending of shipping documents immediately after unloading. 

We use modern and integrated computer systems, which are dedicated to logistics companies, and  which support all internal processes (among others management of fleet, documents, orders under completion, claims, etc). We know that continuity of the services rendered is imperative to the maintainance of  top quality. Therefore critical resources such as providers of telecom services, power sources,  access to internet, are duplicated in case of break in their delivery. Data processing is carried out in a private Cloud (Cloud computing) in which servers storing all the data are virtualized and doubled. To secure availability of information for customers  outside working hours, our employees have mobile access to the key resources of the company.

We are constantly training our team, providing them with specialist training courses, post-graduate studies, and language courses, to continually improve the quality of our services.

We are happy to have joined a group of enterprises that improve the quality of rendered services on a permanent basis as a result of implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS) in compliance with ISO.