Furniture Logistics

About 31 million pieces of furniture are produced in our country annually, and all of it must be delivered throughout Europe.

This is exactly where our over 30 years of experience in transporting furniture come in handy.
That’s exactly how long we’ve been the main operator of one of the European manufacturers of self–assembly furniture. In addition to offering full and partial furniture transport, we also coordinate the entire process at all stages. On top of that, we offer the transport of boards and materials for the production of furniture. 
In addition to transport of furniture as a finished product, we also offer the transport of boards for their production. 

What is covered?


Organization of the transport process,

Ciężarówka z pudełkiem

Preparation, arrangement, and protection of cargo on the vehicle,

Manual unloading at the end customer,

pudełko wokół strzałki

Delivery notice of unloaded cargo in furniture stores,


Cargo monitoring with GPS monitors.


Panele drewniane w fabryce

Better to ask, than to go astray

To the questions what else we carry, we answer: boards for creating furniture produced in Poland. Every month we use about 400 vehicles to deliver this furniture to carpenters, furniture makers, but above all for one of the largest chains of self-assembly furniture

Mężczyźni wypakowujący meble z ciężarówki

Moving furniture 

We know everything there is to moving furniture, but that’s not surprising. For over 30 years, we have been delivering loads for many furniture manufacturers in Europe.