We treat the customer and the transported goods as a priority. If you are looking for a company that will arrange the transport of your cargo regardless of size, type and storage conditions, then… you’ve come to the right place. Just take a look at the feedback from all our satisfied customers to see that we know our business. We hope that our journey together will begin here.
Road, oversized, refrigerated transport and furniture logistics. For over 30 years, comprehensive logistics services have been our heart and soul.  

The detailed composition of our offer includes:

Transport morski

Road, sea, oversized transport and furniture logistics

Transport in any form has no secrets for us. When the need arises, we will transport cargo not only by road, but also under water or … Above it.

Glob ze strzałkami określający transport międzynarodowy

Domestic and international forwarding

We know forwarding like no other. We distribute and plan shipments of goods both domestically and internationally. Simply put, this is our area of expertise. 

pudełko wokół strzałki

Extra services

In addition to standard transport procedures, on request we offer customs services and the possibility of CARGO insurance. No type of cargo scares us because… we are prepared to transport it. We also offer the transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR), of course in special conditions.



We build long-lasting business relationships based on cooperation and partnership.


We have been present on the transport and forwarding market for over 30 years, and the experience of our team and our partners in transport is our greatest value.


We perform our work conscientiously, and in difficult situations we look for solutions for getting ahead of the curve.


96% effectiveness and satisfaction with cooperation – the opinions of our customers speak for themselves. We adjust our possibilities to customer needs so that they know that they can always rely on us.


“FF Fracht proved itself to be a trusted, reliable and credible forwarding and transport company. It fully deserves our recommendation as a professional partner for the delivery process”.

Krzysztof Drobek

CEO, Alois Dallmayr

“The foundations of our cooperation with FF Fracht are reliability and professionalism, which go hand in hand with personal commitment to cooperation and sensitivity to individual customer needs. […] It is with great pleasure that we recommend the services provided by FF Fracht Sp. z o.o., especially for those looking for a reliable business partner”.

Alina Sekutowicz

Sales Administration Manager, Nestlé Polska SA

“FF Fracht is not just a company. It’s a team of passionate and professional people who go above and beyond to ensure the full satisfaction of customers. Especially the Poznań branch will leave you with a sense of safety, being cared for, and a feeling of an accurate perception of customer needs. This is particularly the merit of Mrs. Nina and Mr. Michał, who emphasize the professionalism of FF Fracht.
FF Fracht is a reliable and professional partner that I can wish for myself and for everyone”.

Grzegorz Grębowiec

Senior Logistics & Transport Specialist, SCM.EXP Department MedTech, Clinico Medical Sp. z o.o.

“We are pleased to recommend FF Fracht Sp. z o.o. based in Poznań – our partner in the implementation of transport services. FF Fracht Sp. z o.o. has repeatedly confirmed that they are a reliable and trustworthy transport company which provides superior quality services. We are very pleased with the cooperation so far and recommend FF Fracht to other companies who put quality first”.

Arkadiusz Cichal

Procurement Manager – Logistics (EU), Klöckner Pentaplast

“Fracht has proven itself to be a trusted, reliable and credible carrier that fully deserves a recommendation as a professional transport partner. Cooperation with FF Fracht Sp. z o.o. can honestly be summarized as successful and recommendable, also thanks to their professional approach to customers and readiness to help in any situation”.

Justyna Piana

Project Buyer, Gestamp Polska Sp. z o.o. 

“Unirubber Sp. z o.o. would like to recommend FF Fracht Sp. z o.o. We have been using the services of FF Fracht for several years. Jobs are always carried out reliably, in a timely manner, and with consideration of all requirements. In addition to safe transport, FF Fracht demonstrates professionalism and flexibility. We believe that they are a recommendable and fully professional partner on the transport services market”.

Paweł Bielański

Director of Customer Support, Unirubber Sp. z o.o.

“I hereby confirm that the transport company FF Fracht Sp. z o.o. performs entrusted transport orders with due diligence and care. The honesty and flexible approach of FF Fracht to unforeseen situations deserve a separate praise. The entirety of our cooperation allows us to perceive them as a partner who treats its obligations towards customers with proper care. Another issue, nonetheless, a very important one, is the perfect contact with the sales department staff and forwarders, whose help and experience represent a consistently high level. We look forward to our continued and fruitful cooperation”.

Wojciech Rogala

Project Manager, DHC Sp. z o.o.

“In recent years, FF Fracht Sp. z o.o. has performed numerous logistic services for Südzucker Polska SA Production Plants: Cerekiew Sugar Plant and Strzelin Sugar Plant. […] The company has demonstrated exceptional diligence, flexibility and full professionalism in the implementation of the entrusted tasks, as well as a partnership attitude worthy of a reliable Contractor. […] It has the appropriate logistic base and quickly responds to the current needs and changes. All commissioned transports were performed within the agreed time.
We can firmly recommend FF Fracht Sp. z o.o. as a solid and reliable partner in the implementation of transport services”.

Ewa Wach

Chief Purchasing Officer, Südzucker Polska SA

“FF Fracht Sp. z o.o. based in Ostrów Mazowiecka has been a long-standing partner of FABRYKA MEBLI “FORTE” S.A. Capital Group in the field of transport services and logistics support. Our cooperation covers mostly international and domestic road transport, as well as many other projects of FORTE Group that require transport and logistics support. We greatly value the high level and professionalism of services provided by FF Fracht Sp. z o.o. combined with exceptional flexibility, openness, and understanding of customer needs.

On the basis of previous long-term cooperation, we can recommend FF Fracht Sp. z o.o. as a professional, reliable, and credible transport partner.”

Na bazie dotychczasowej długoletniej współpracy możemy polecić FF Fracht Sp. z o.o. jako profesjonalnego, wiarygodnego i godnego zaufania partnera w dziedzinie transportu”.

Mariusz Bryk

Director of Logistics Department, Fabryka Mebli Forte SA

Close cooperation marks the first step to creating something really big – that’s what we are guided by. We know that we are on the right track, and our partners and carriers can always count on us. Working with us not only means an opportunity to gain and broaden experience through participation in interesting projects, but also to increase the revenues and profitability of your company, and to gain a permanent partner in the industry for years to come.

In what fields do we cooperate and what do we offer?



We will drive your vehicles as best we can. How can we be so sure? Because we’re a carrier ourselves. Our dispatchers will provide guidance on subsequent orders to your drivers. We settle accounts transparently based on the conversion of the agreed fixed rate for the kilometers traveled – both empty and loaded. Drives take place in the territory of the whole Europe.

Glob na dłoni realizacja projektów


When you enter into cooperation with us, you can become our partner in transport projects. You get the exclusive opportunity for transport in national and European destinations throughout the duration of the project.

Przepływ płatności


Cooperation with us is a guarantee of fast, regular payments, and constant income. What makes us different is a personal approach to our colleagues and carriers.


Glob ze strzałkami określający transport międzynarodowy

Cooperation in international and domestic transport.


Full vehicle driving.

terminy płatności określone za pomocą stopera

Short payment terms, timely regular payments with the possibility of shortening the due date and using the Skonto payment.


Effective route planning and flexible transport planning – we are always looking for optimal solutions.

Dwie osoby pomoc

Invitation to interesting projects with a reliable partner with a 30-year presence on both the Polish and international markets.

rozwiązywanie problemów

Quick problem solving, regular contact with the forwarder, professional service, individual care. Help and support are our primary guarantee of safety for the carrier.


Competitive fees and cooperation all year round.

Ciężarówka z pudełkiem

Full and partial loads.

Where do we drive?

Flaga Niemiec


Flaga Francji


Flaga Hiszpanii


Flaga Portugalii


Flaga Włoch


Flaga Austrii


Flaga Szwajcarii


Flaga Holandii

the Netherlands

Flaga Belgii


Flaga Czech

Czech Republic

Flaga Słowacji


Flaga Wielkiej Brytanii

Great Britain

Flaga Bułgarii


Flaga Węgier


…and many more.


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