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The road transport market in Poland is very fragmented. Small family businessess constitute the majority of the market. We are convinced that only consolidation or close co-operation within a larger group of companies allows profitable growth due to higher effects of scale.

forwarding-and-transport group

We invite reliable carriers to establish close co-operation with FF Fracht through the mutual creation of a Forwarding-and-Transport Group under our umbrella. The main target of creating a T-S group  is the supporting of the business of smaller transport companies through a  common purchasing policy, coordinated commercial activities, common training and sharing of knowledge as well as the organization of services decreasing the fixed costs related to running the company.

areas of co-operation

Vehicle management

You entrust us with your vehicles, which we use on the basis of exclusive contracts. Our dispatchers pass instructions to the drivers regarding the completion of the next orders. Settlements are made on the basis of the calculation of an agreed fixed rate for driver kilometers both empty and loaded.

Purchasing group

We offer you a simple tool to lower the costs related to running a transport business. By making the decision to do their shopping together with us, our carriers gain significantly more attractive terms when purchasing tractor units, trailers, fuel, insurance, tyres as well as lower costs of maintainance-repair services..

Fixed export loads

We offer fixed export loads and return loads (export+import).

We are looking for reliable carriers. We can offer loads from Poland to practically every country within Europe.


Tatiana Getmanchuk
Tatiana Getmanchuk
Transport Coordinator

T +48 71 349 03 41

T +48 607 495 774
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