Oversized Transport

Want to transport a yacht, an entire factory or something of similar size?

You’ve come to the right place! We offer oversized transport in Poland, Europe, as well as to selected countries around the world.
Depending on the size and type of cargo, we will select the appropriate vehicle to efficiently and safely deliver the cargo to its destination. Of course, at the request of customers, we provide CARGO load insurance.
Our experience is built on, among others, transport of variously sized construction and agricultural machinery, equipment from known home appliances manufacturer in Poland, and the relocation of factories in Europe.

What can we transport for you?


Steel structures, bridge spans


Wind farm components, wind turbines


Construction and agricultural machinery


Tanks, containers, silos


Yachts, planes


Biały samochód zapakowywany do ciężarówki

Elephant in a porcelain store? 

Although there is an elephant standing behind us, we handle the entrusted loads like a basket of eggs, even if they are 3 meters long. And we’ve transported as many as 22 such machines from Germany to Poland. The result? Not a single scratch and a satisfied Customer!

Widok fabryk i nieba

Change of location 

We weren’t kidding when we said we could transport anything. For example, we once transported… an entire factory. How is it even possible? Just plan everything, arrange 20 special oversized transports, and you’re all done!

Operator tnący metal w fabryce

The elephant in the room 

We executed smooth transport of the weight of an elephant – specifically a 12-ton press – for a home appliance manufacturer in Poland without any problems.

Jacht na wodzie

Wind in the sails 

Transport orders like this definitely put the wind in your sails. For a private recipient, we transported ... a sailing yacht from Poland to Ireland. It was no piece of cake, but the yacht arrived safely and its owner is probably sailing somewhere in the Irish Sea right now.