Refrigerated Transport

What’s the best temperature? For us, it’s a temperature that we can flexibly adapt to the needs of customers.

Thanks to a modern fleet, we can control the temperature from –25°C to + 25°C and monitor the transported cargo for 24 hours a day. Clearly, transport of refrigerated cargoes is no problem for us. 
Who do we cooperate with? For many years, we have been transporting products to shops, supermarkets, and world-famous brands. We transport, among others, vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, confectionery, as well as plants and other products that require a certain temperature across the whole Europe. 


Pomarańcze w czekoladzie

Chocolate oranges 

Special caution, temperature measurement on each pallet and 24-hour monitoring of humidity – this sounds like transport of ... chocolate oranges. It is in these conditions that we transported a "paradise delicacy" from Spain to Lithuania, unavailable for retail sale in Western Europe.

Owoce i warzywa w widoku z góry

Everything under control 

We have everything under control during transport, especially the temperature inside the trailers. That’s why all fruit, vegetables, fish and meat that we transport from Spain and Portugal to Poland are always fresh.

Frytki leżące na stole a obok nich ketchup i sól

You gotta have form  

You can stick to the form or... Transport it. We bet on the combination of both. And so, as always in the right conditions, we transported a new form of a shape sample from Poland to France ... And it was French fries.

Element rzeźby zrobionej z lodu

Refrigerated Transport


We will not put you on ice – ever! This time we used 6 trailers to transport ice sculptures from Italy straight to an exhibition in Poland. Now that’s what you call keeping it cool.