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Furniture Logistics

We specialize in, and have long experience in, the organization of transport of furniture. We know exactly how fraigile furniture is, and how to protect it from damage. We ensure precise protection of this kind of shipment and we take special measures during transportation.

We are constantly improving our services, working with leading Polish and foreign producers and trading companies in the furniture business. This way we learn various, and very often innovative, methods of packaging and securing of furniture accepted for transportation.


tel. +48 713 490 300

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We have wide experience and knowledge of the transport of furniture and we can offer the best possibile solutions for each individual order. Our company has been the main logistics operator of the furniture manufacturer FM FORTE S.A. for over twenty years. We organize  the whole process of transport: from the moment of release of finished goods from production, through the shipment planning stage, coordination of dates of unloading, preparation and distribution of loads on the vehicle, to delivering the furniture to the final recipient.

Professionalism of the services is provided by highly qualified and experienced staff. Our forwarders organize thousands of flatpack and upholstered furniture transports. Transport quotations are prepared at the customer’s request, and advice as to the method of furniture packaging, its distribution and its securing  on the vehicle will be offered at all stages. Thanks to our experience, we can also choose the best means of transport suitable to the size of the shipment.

We coordinate the process of transport at all stages. We use GPS positioners and have direct contact with the drivers. In this way we can provide customers with current information about their shipment at any time.

We provide
  • Deliveries with many unloading points
  • Transport of upholstered furniture by trailers with high volume (MEGA, JUMBO, sets 100-120 m3)
  • Transport of assembled furniture
  • Timely deliveries within time frames
  • Advising of unloads in furniture stores
  • Manual unloading of furniture
  • Assembly of furniture at the final customer’s
  • Transport of boards used for production of furniture

Contact with Us

T +48 713 490 300